Life is fun, exciting, weird, sad, uplifting, gut wrenching, and unpredictable. It’s hard to see the path you’re on until you look behind, only briefly, to see the trail you blazed. My journey so far has taken me from New Jersey, to New York, Maryland, Michigan, and now here in Nashville, Tennessee. Darla, always in tow. I thought my path was pulling me towards a career in the music business. It wasn’t. 

Growing up in a big Italian family right outside of New York City, food was an important part of our gatherings. Pasta Fagioli, Chicken Parmesan, home made pizza, the works... but, our meals were never complete without a quality Italian bread to go with it. Sleepovers with cousins always included fresh bagels in the morning. Friday nights would be pizza from Tony’s. Incredible bread products were easy to come by in that part of Jersey. Quality breads, pizza, and bagels - something I took for granted when I lived there, not realizing the rest of the states didn’t have  great products like this too. 

Cooking has always been a hobby of mine. I have no idea when it started, but I think I loved music and cooking for the same reasons: the creative possibilities are infinite and there are no rules. Fed up with the lack of quality bread products living outside of the tri-state area, and not loving the music business path I was on, I turned to cooking, specifically experimenting with bagels. What began as a hobby turned into a passion and then quickly an obsession as I dedicated my craft to making the best product I could. 

Nashville is a lot like moving back into college as a freshman. No one knows anybody else, and everyone is eager and willing to make new friends. A city of transplants. A land of opportunity. A place to discover yourself. My bagels have as much “Nashville” as they do “New York” in them. I wanted to capture the small batch, artisanal, close to home style that I know as Nashville and the big, chewy, in your face experience that is New York.

So without further adieu, Darla and I present you the best of New York and Nashville: Darlas Bagels.